5 Handy Cleaning Tips to Make Your Mattress Mould-free This Christmas

Mattress cleaning

While relocating to a new house, you have a lot of things to do. Starting from changing the addresses in all your important documents to positioning all your furniture in your, and opting for a proper cleaning service, there many essential things that need to be done during your relocation. Cleaning is an important part of a relocation.

By opting for appropriate cleaning tips, you can prevent health hazards in your new house. Mould cleaning from a mattress is extremely important to make your new home safe from allergies and other health issues. Given below are some handy cleaning tips that will make your mattress mould-free:

  • Tip 1: Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Applying a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water will help you to get rid of mould from your matters. You need to mix it in 1:3 ratios to make it more effectual. At first, clean the stains of the mould with the help of a nylon brush. After this, you need to expose the mattress to the sunlight, then spray the mixture to the mattress’ mould affected area, and let it soak.

  • Tip 2: Put Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent and is highly beneficial in getting rid of mould and other fungi from mattresses. You need to create a mixture of baking soda with warm water and apply the mixture directly on the mould affected area. Let it stay for a few minutes, after that clean it with the help of a microfiber cloth. Also, to clean mould from your mattress more effectively for keeping your new house allergy-free, you can opt for moving house cleaning services in Melbourne from a renowned cleaning service provider.

  • Tip 3: Implement A Mixture Of Rubbing Alcohol And Warm Water

Rubbing Alcohol

Implementing rubbing alcohol and warm water’s mixture is the simplest way of removing mould from your mattress. But, at first, you need to get rid of the dirt from your mattress by vacuuming it properly. After removing the dirt, you need to apply the mixture in 1:1 ratio in a circular motion, and then leave it under the sun to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes mould.

  • Tip 4: Hire Cleaning Professionals


The best way to get rid of mould from your mattress is by hiring professional mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne. The cleaning experts apply effective techniques, and high-quality products to help you get rid of mould as well as prevent them from coming back in the near future.


Hence, these were some handy tips on how to prevent mould under mattress and make your new house free from any kind of health hazards. Also, when hiring cleaning professionals, you need to search for certified ones who have proper experience in mattress cleaning.

Seeing off Coffee Stains from Furry Carpets

Seeing off Coffee Stains from Furry Carpets

Removing coffee stains from the carpet is a specialist’s job. Hence, unless you are an expert in it, it is better not to try yourself, and look for those reputed and experienced carpet cleaning companies. Only the best carpet cleaners should be summoned.

Watch:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCZkyFRDgKo


Advantages of Hiring a Quality Builders Cleaner Service Provider

Builders Cleaning Service Melbourne

If you have a business to run, and if you are stuck in the midst of the development of your office space, the story has two sides. On the other hand, it has enough reason for you to be elated to have an office space of your own.

On the flip side, it has got a gloomy side as well. When the builders are gone, you will suddenly discover yourself amid a gigantic sea of fibres and other wastes that is no less than a nightmare to you!

To get out of that sea, you need a particular class of professionals. One, who will clean all the stuff and do all the fine-tuning to make your office sparkle clean.

That is why you need to hire a bunch of professional builder cleaners to get rid of the debris to start with!

They are trained and qualified to deal with debris

Speaking about the debris, it is all about various kinds of trash and airborne stuff all around you. Hence, when it comes to cleaning them up, you need these professional cleaners who are specialised in dealing with them.

They know the right techniques and have the right tools to deal with these debris. They also use appropriate outfits to make sure that they are not subject to health hazards. So you see, the way they will handle the trash will vary afar from the way you will handle.

Firstly, it will leave you all at sea midway through the cleaning, and the end result will be nowhere near perfect. Secondly, you might adopt an inappropriate way of cleaning that will expose you to short as well as long-time health hazards.

They stick to perfection and have eyes for details

Every professional builder in Melbourne, like in any other place will focus on removing every rubble out from every nook and cranny. They will help you get rid of even the last visible particles from your office space.

They will get into every minute crack and crevice where finer dirt particles settle. They have the tools and the knowledge to ferret out even the finest airborne particles and remove them.

Indeed, every professional builder cleaning service provider that you hire puts optimal emphasis on the high standards and pay attention to the minutest detail.

All these make the difference and help you to have a chic and sparkling office space to do business in. This, perhaps explains why you need to summon such a service provider, once the construction is done with, and the builders have left!


Common Mistakes to Keep at Bay Before Spring Home Cleaning


Spring is that time in a year when you finally decide to go for some cleaning. You decide to put your stakes on a company that has specialised spring cleaning services under its sleeves.

You will find a number of these companies around you to put your stakes on any of them, in practically no time. However, we would advise you to take a couple of steps back before you zero in on a provider of residential cleaning services in South Melbourne. This will help you reduce the spring cleaning expenses.

Accumulating the clutter

You need to stop the clutter before it gets into your home. For example, you need to sort out the mails right at your mailbox, so that you do not bring indoor the unnecessary promotional newsletters, brochures and the likes. Perhaps, keeping a cardboard box right at your doorstep will help you collect all the cutter and sort them every month.

Not practising it is a mistake. In the process, you only let the clutter enter your home, which will accumulate, thereby making your rooms all the more clumsy.

Not getting rid of the emotional attachments

This is another mistake that you may, at times, commit. You may not like to get rid of the clothes of the loved ones who may have passed away, or sweaters that your mother had stitched when you were a toddler. All these are emotional attachments that will only add to your woes when you opt for spring cleaning.

Get rid of these stuff and old books and furniture, which are of hardly any use any more. It will only make your home much cleaner before spring cleaning and reduce your costs.

Making it a ONE MAN SHOW

It is not a ONE MAN show when it comes to preparing your home for spring cleaning. This is a prevalent mistake that people commit, and end up with a lot of loopholes when the professionals providing home cleaning services near Port Melbourne step in.

You need to involve every one of your family in the cleaning. It will help you in a quick clean up, and leave only fine-tuning for the professionals. Also, try to complete all the cleanup in a day instead of leaving some for the next day.

Trying out the difficult spaces and rooms yourself

Do not try them out if you are not that confident. You will only make things worse. Leave the spaces that are hard to reach out or the attic that has not been used for days. Leave them to be taken care of by the professionals. They have the right tools and know the right processes to carry out the cleaning. Let them justify the cost of service that they would charge as you relax.


3 Effective Ways to Remove Carpet Pet Urine Stains and Odour

carpet cleaning

Carpets can stir up your home decor and add a touch of elegance and luxe to your space. So, it’s necessary to maintain your carpets in order to keep it as good as new. But if you have pets at home, you might have to struggle in order to keep your carpet stain and odour free. Your furry friend can leave nasty smell and spots which can be hard to remove.

Here, we have come up with a few easy ways by which you can get rid of the unpleasant odours from your carpet once and for all.  

Use a Homemade Natural Solution


The oils and fur from your pet’s body can stick on the carpet fibres, which would be hard to remove. Most of the time, you look for effective home remedies to remove the stains and search for how to clean carpet with vinegar and baking soda? Well, it’s better if you can test it in a small area before applying it directly on your expensive carpet.

You can apply vinegar on the stained area and sprinkle baking soda on it. Next, you need to cover the stained area and leave it for 2-3 days. After that, scoop the dried baking soda and rinse the affected area with cold water.

Buy an Effective Stain Remover


Do you often look up the web for a good carpet pet urine removal in Melbourne? Instead of wasting your time in making homemade solutions, buy a good pet urine stain remover with hard chemicals and pleasing odour so that it can remove the dark patches effectively leaving behind a soothing fragrance. However, while buying stain removers ensure they are not toxic for your pets.

Moreover, professional stain removers come with sticky components that make it even worse for the pets. Most of the time, your pets prefer to sleep on carpets. The sticky ingredients can cause infections or skin diseases, which will be harmful to your pet. So before you buy a stain remover, check its chemical composition.

Schedule Professional Cleaning


Removing stains and odours from carpets is not a child’s play. Applying the homemade remedies takes time to give positive results. Until that time, your carpet might have developed permanent patches. Moreover, pet urine soaks into the carpet fibres leaving a nasty odour.

So, it’s better to delegate the task to reliable pet urine cleaner in Melbourne who can remove the stains by applying suitable detergents and cleaning solutions. Dealing with pet urine patches and stains for a couple of years, they use the right chemicals which can remove the stains whilst maintaining the lustrous look of your carpet.

Was this blog helpful? If so, do share it with your friends and relatives. To know more about pet urine stains, keep an eye on our upcoming post.


Cleaning Apartments Fast Between a Pair of Tenants – a General Overview

melbourne apartment cleaning

The window period between a tenant moving out and another moving in gives an apartment cleaning company long enough time to carry out its task credibly and properly.

While these companies have their role to play in this cleaning, you have your task cut out as well. Here is a brief overview of things that you need to carry out to make things simpler for you.

Attending the move-out inspection

Moving out is an essential chapter of any rental process. Hence, it is necessary to be present as and when the tenants move out. Some of the one-timers have a habit of leaving the property damaged or can dispute over claims of damage.

Being present would always help you to get rid of paying for false claims that are submitted by the tenants.

Make sure to get all the sets of the unit keys back, including the duplicates that the tenants have had made.

Taking photographs in details

You need to take photographs of all your properties in details. This is because visual evidence is undoubtedly the best way of defending your stand in case of any dispute that may erupt after the tenant has moved out.

Though this is not to say that photographs are the most credible evidence, but surely they are one of the ways to clear certain things up.

Checking the Utility

It is not wise to assume that the tenants will be that careful to switch off the utilities or close all their accounts while they are moving out.

Hence, it is better if you add in a move-out step that needs proof of turn-off of the relevant utility accounts or access to the same, to keep issues regarding re-leasing the property at bay.

In case the tenant fails to turn off any utility account or pay the bill, it can result in serious consequences to you as their landlord.

Patching and painting the walls

It will be of no use to clean the apartment before painting it. This is just because paint washing and colouring the walls will once again leave the apartment in a shabby condition.

Hence, before you summon a Melbourne apartment cleaning company, you need to make sure that you have had all the walls painted to give the apartment a new look.

While all these may not directly be related to apartment cleaning, but when you following these steps the task of cleaning by a professional service provider becomes seamless and smooth, sans any hiccup whatsoever.


How Often Do You Need Your Carpet Shake off Its Dirt and Debris


A carpet is one of the most important things you find in a household. The good things about them are many such as the softness your ankle biter enjoys or the fun you have in them while you walk on them and feel the great comfort at your feet.

But, the bad thing is much for the sake of our neglect towards them and one of the serious problems they face is being dirty…really dirty!

So, how often do you need to clean your carpet? Have you given it as thought already?

Well, read to find out.

  • If There Are Babies

 In case there are ankle biters or, more specifically, infants in your home, then you may get some problems for your carpet pretty frequently. Usually babies drool or they can pee while sitting on the carpet. Had it been a problem in your landlord’s home when you are leaving your tenancy, then you have got to call in professionals from bond cleaning services in Melbourne as soon as possible because such a problem always presents itself in the most prominent ways. You’d get stains and a really bad odour had you neglected this problem for long. For your home’s carpet, do not let such problems remain for more than a week. Use the time of the weekend for this purpose.

  • If There Are Pets

 Pets can be a problem to the carpet. Along with issues of drools and stains from them, their fur and usual body smell contaminate a carpet. In case you have got urine stains, poop and massive patches from drools, then do not delay more than 2 weeks.

  • If You Use Shoes While You Walk on the Carpet

 In case of this matter, you damage your carpet considerably. Do not pause for more than a month to call in the experts from pro house carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and tell them that shoes have been worn indoors and that too on the carpets. Shoes not just bring in dirt and debris but mud too. That damages your carpet significantly.

To Conclude: Check the Warranty

 Different carpets need alternative cleaning methods. Check the warranty and clean your carpet in between the time period mentioned in the warranty information.

But, let the experts do the job.