Cleaning Apartments Fast Between a Pair of Tenants – a General Overview

melbourne apartment cleaning

The window period between a tenant moving out and another moving in gives an apartment cleaning company long enough time to carry out its task credibly and properly.

While these companies have their role to play in this cleaning, you have your task cut out as well. Here is a brief overview of things that you need to carry out to make things simpler for you.

Attending the move-out inspection

Moving out is an essential chapter of any rental process. Hence, it is necessary to be present as and when the tenants move out. Some of the one-timers have a habit of leaving the property damaged or can dispute over claims of damage.

Being present would always help you to get rid of paying for false claims that are submitted by the tenants.

Make sure to get all the sets of the unit keys back, including the duplicates that the tenants have had made.

Taking photographs in details

You need to take photographs of all your properties in details. This is because visual evidence is undoubtedly the best way of defending your stand in case of any dispute that may erupt after the tenant has moved out.

Though this is not to say that photographs are the most credible evidence, but surely they are one of the ways to clear certain things up.

Checking the Utility

It is not wise to assume that the tenants will be that careful to switch off the utilities or close all their accounts while they are moving out.

Hence, it is better if you add in a move-out step that needs proof of turn-off of the relevant utility accounts or access to the same, to keep issues regarding re-leasing the property at bay.

In case the tenant fails to turn off any utility account or pay the bill, it can result in serious consequences to you as their landlord.

Patching and painting the walls

It will be of no use to clean the apartment before painting it. This is just because paint washing and colouring the walls will once again leave the apartment in a shabby condition.

Hence, before you summon a Melbourne apartment cleaning company, you need to make sure that you have had all the walls painted to give the apartment a new look.

While all these may not directly be related to apartment cleaning, but when you following these steps the task of cleaning by a professional service provider becomes seamless and smooth, sans any hiccup whatsoever.



How Often Do You Need Your Carpet Shake off Its Dirt and Debris


A carpet is one of the most important things you find in a household. The good things about them are many such as the softness your ankle biter enjoys or the fun you have in them while you walk on them and feel the great comfort at your feet.

But, the bad thing is much for the sake of our neglect towards them and one of the serious problems they face is being dirty…really dirty!

So, how often do you need to clean your carpet? Have you given it as thought already?

Well, read to find out.

  • If There Are Babies

 In case there are ankle biters or, more specifically, infants in your home, then you may get some problems for your carpet pretty frequently. Usually babies drool or they can pee while sitting on the carpet. Had it been a problem in your landlord’s home when you are leaving your tenancy, then you have got to call in professionals from bond cleaning services in Melbourne as soon as possible because such a problem always presents itself in the most prominent ways. You’d get stains and a really bad odour had you neglected this problem for long. For your home’s carpet, do not let such problems remain for more than a week. Use the time of the weekend for this purpose.

  • If There Are Pets

 Pets can be a problem to the carpet. Along with issues of drools and stains from them, their fur and usual body smell contaminate a carpet. In case you have got urine stains, poop and massive patches from drools, then do not delay more than 2 weeks.

  • If You Use Shoes While You Walk on the Carpet

 In case of this matter, you damage your carpet considerably. Do not pause for more than a month to call in the experts from pro house carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and tell them that shoes have been worn indoors and that too on the carpets. Shoes not just bring in dirt and debris but mud too. That damages your carpet significantly.

To Conclude: Check the Warranty

 Different carpets need alternative cleaning methods. Check the warranty and clean your carpet in between the time period mentioned in the warranty information.

But, let the experts do the job.


13 Tips to Clean Your House with Baking Soda This Christmas

Docklands Cleaning Service

Believe it or not, baking soda is not just restricted to our kitchens anymore. It no doubt brings about fluffiness to the cakes that we bake or the foods that we make; there are several other useful benefits of its presence in our house.

You may have often made use of those cleaning sprays available at the stores to clean your house in general but not always does it come up with effective results. Moreover, when it comes to the safety of these liquids, they are known to contain chemicals that can lead to contamination. With baking soda, the results are not just perfect but minus the chemical contact.

When spoken to professionals for cleaning service in Docklands, they too agreed to it and here is a list of chores that you get to accomplish most perfectly with a simple ingredient – Baking Soda.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

  1. Removes crayon marks

With crayon marks all over, it gets difficult when it comes to renting out or selling the house. Making a thick paste with baking soda and water and rubbing on the marks does the trick without much of an effort.

  1. Cleans the oven and grill

The ovens and grills are known to witness a lot of dirt especially the burnt marks from sauces and other ingredients. With a solution of baking soda and vinegar, these stains get removed and are safer than the expensive oven cleaning liquids.

  1. Removes coffee and tea stains from mugs and pots

We all enjoy relishing those multiple cups of coffee or tea while at work but at the end, the stains on these cups stay along. Getting rid of them can be easy when you wither wash them with a solution of baking soda, water and liquid detergent. For the tough stains, soaking them overnight does the trick.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Polishes silver and brassware

Decorative items don’t look appealing when its colour is tarnished or dull and to help you silver and brassware to look great, clean them with a baking soda paste.

  1. Helps in oil removal

If by any chance do you spill oil on your upholstery or carpets or probably at the garage, baking soda helps out where a simple application on the area and scraping or vacuuming removes it.

  1. Cleans the kitchen sink

With numerous elements coming in contact with the sink on a daily basis, it tends to retain grime and stains while also retaining germs. To keep it clean and sanitised, you could try sprinkling baking soda on the sink surface and then scrubbing it.

Clean Kitchen

  1. Prevents weed growth

Your driveway or probably the walkway in front of your house may witness weed growth in the gaps and cracks while disturbing the look of it. Sprinkling baking soda can prevent their growth.

  1. Cleans floors and carpets

Sensitive flooring such as wood or vinyl reacts to the chemical floor cleaners and retain stains on them. Cleaning them with a solution containing baking soda does the trick. The same goes for carpets where it aids in odour and stain removal resulting from vomiting or probably pet defecation.

  1. Cleans pet beds and living areas

Professionals for domestic cleaning in Melbourne agree that even though you tend to keep your pets clean all the time, there is this lingering smell of urine or faeces in their beds that can be removed when you sprinkle baking soda and vacuum clean it. It gives a fresher feel.

Clean Pet Urine

  1. Cleans the baths

If the bath is large, there is a lot of cleaning agent that gets consumed. To curb that, you could simply sprinkle baking soda on the surface along with vinegar and rub it with a soft sponge. That would make you get rid of the grime while leaving no stain or scratch.

  1. Cleans and deodorises the fridge

There are times when fish or probably meat leaves behind a lingering smell that tends to contaminate other foods in the fridge. Cleaning the fridge with a solution of baking soda or probably leaving it in a small bowl in the fridge can absorb the strong smells.

  1. Prevents smell from dirty laundry

There are these times when you do not get the time to wash the laundry and stack them up to receive a bad odour from it. While you sprinkle baking soda on them, it would minimise the smell from it.

Laundry Cleaning

  1. Cleans the mildew from bathrooms

Excessive moisture in the bathroom tends to give birth to mildew on the shower curtains, tile grouts as well as the basins. Cleaning them with baking soda helps out in the best way.

All of these tips give about the best results and while you adopt it to with you cleaning chores, you are to watch things get easy.